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Business State Errors

Business State Errors

Business state errors can occur on POST, PUT and DELETE operations. Errors are returned as Structured Messages with the HTTP status code 409 Conflict.

The following invalid business state errors can be returned.

Message ID Message Fields Example Message Template
cart.item.not.available item-code Item '{item-code}' is not available for purchase.
payment.failed Error occurred when processing payment.
payment.declined Payment was declined.
payment.insufficient.funds Insufficient funds to process payment.
payment.method.expired Payment method has expired.
payment.method.invalid Payment method is invalid.
payment.currency.not.supported Payment currency is not supported by the store. Shopping cart is empty.
purchase.cart.not.purchasable Shopping cart cannot be purchased because one or more items are unavailable.
purchase.item.not.available item-code Item '{item-code}' is not available for purchase.


Insufficient inventory for item '{item-code}'.


A minimum quantity of {minimum-quantity} must be purchased for item '{item-code}'.
purchase.missing.shipping.address A shipping address is required.


Invalid or missing shipping service level '{shipping-level}'. user-id User account '{user-id}' is not active. email User account with email address '{email}' already exists.
profile.userid.already.exists user-id User account with the user id '{user-id}' already exists.

These messages are subject to refactoring in future releases as resources are converted to Helix. Make sure that your client implementation is easy to update as messages are modified, added or deleted.