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Deploying with the Pusher

Deploying with the Pusher

The Pusher - Overview

Warning: The Pusher was deprecated in Elastic Path Commerce 7.0. Please review the deprecation notice before using the Pusher in your project.

The Pusher is a collection of Bash scripts that can deploy Elastic Path applications to a single Linux server for your Development and QA environments or to multiple Linux servers for your UAT and Production environments.

The Pusher currently supports:

  • Deploying to Tomcat application servers
  • Creating and updating MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Using ActiveMQ as the JMS broker

The Pusher depends on:

  • A deployment package that is built by the extensions/packager module. The same package can be deployed to multiple environments without changes using a "Build once, deploy anywhere" approach.
  • A configuration directory that contains data population configuration and configuration files to be deployed to the target server(s).
  • A Pusher configuration file that controls Pusher behavior.