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Resource Relationship Map

Resource Relationship Map

Below is a link to the Resource Relationship Map, which outlines the resources available in Cortex along with their corresponding data fields, links, and relationships to other resources. This diagram is useful when first learning Cortex as it provides you with a mental image of a resource and where it fits in the overall mapping.

To use this diagram, click on the link provide, which the map in a new tab/browser window. From there, expand a single node or resource as far as you need to for understanding. It is recommended you open resources one step at a time going as deep into the given resource as required. This map becomes most useful for developing an understanding when used in conjunction with:
  • Cortex Studio - a web application allowing you to interact with Cortex by making calls and seeing the resulting JSON response.
  • Resource Reference Guide - product documentation providing a description and details about each resource. Note, resources are listed in alphabetical order.

The diagram is in a 'mind map' format with the resources listed on the left being those frequently referenced by the resources listed on the right. It is recommended you review the resources by mimicking the action normally done on an ecommerce site using the resources listed on the right. To facilitate usage of the diagram, nodes are visually coded:

Click here for Resource Relationship Map