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A customer is somebody who has created a customer account in the store. The customer XML file contains standard customer data (name, street, address, etc) and Customer Profile Attributes. For security reasons, a customer's credit card cannot be imported or exported.

Sample XML: Customer

<customer store_code="SNAPITUP" user_id="" guid="0A618B76-CDAA-B3F4-7F57-AA2773638240">
        <address guid="2B057A60-C6C3-24B0-163F-20D8965E8A41">
            <street1>1020 Main Street</street1>
            <city>Santa Cruz</city>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_EMAIL"></profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_FIRST_NAME">Alana</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_PREF_LOCALE">en</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_Date" key="CP_DOB">Sun Feb 23 00:00:00 1941</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_PHONE">4313895083</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_GENDER">F</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_Boolean" key="CP_ANONYMOUS_CUST">false</profile_value>
        <profile_value type="AttributeType_ShortText" key="CP_LAST_NAME">Abercombie</profile_value>

Payment Methods

Generic Payment Methods

The payment_methods collection element has the ability to take a mixture of payment methods. Currently we support both credit cards and payment tokens. The credit card element specified in the collection is identical to the legacy credit card element in the collection of credit_card elements. The default value on a credit card specified in the payment_methods collection element is ignored because a default_payment_method element now exists on customer.

Default Payment Method

The default payment method element wraps a default payment method which can currently be either a payment_token or credit_card. This payment method is set as the default payment method on a customer imported into the system.

Backwards Compatibility

The legacy credit_cards collection element is still supported and can be used to import credit cards on a customer. An exported customer will however populate the payment_methods collection element with all customer payment methods and the credit_cards collection element will always be empty for newly exported customers.

The billing address on customer credit cards is no longer supported. Thus, the billing_address_guid element is deprecated. If used, it will be ignored by the Import-Export tool.