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Localized Fields and Attributes

Localized Fields and Attributes

Some fields contain localized values. To include a localized field in your query, you must specify the language that you want to search. For example, the following query matches the product whose French name is Canon - Kit d'accessoires pour appareil photo:

FIND Product WHERE ProductName[fr] = 'Canon - Kit d\'accessoires pour appareil photo'

The value between the square brackets indicates the language. You can use either the two-letter language code or the full language name.

Note: Note:

The apostrophe in d'accessoires must be preceded by a backslash. Whenever a string contains the apostrophe character, it must be escaped with a backslash. Otherwise it will be interpreted as the end of the string and cause a parsing error when the query is validated.

Attributes may also contain localized values. For example, the following query matches all products that have the English value of the Lens System / Type attribute set to Zoom lens:

FIND Product WHERE AttributeName{Lens System / Type}[en] = 'Zoom lens'