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A CMUser is a Commerce Manager administrator account. Each account has access to certain features, as determined by the user roles assigned to the account. For more information on Commerce Manager administrator accounts, see the Commerce Manager User Manual.

The table below describes some of the CMUser XML elements:

XML Element



Shows a true/false value that sets the CMUser to be disabled or enabled in the Commerce Manager.


Provides a list of passwords the CMUser has used. Up to four passwords are stored.

<has_temporary_password> Indicates the CM user has a temporary password. On log in, the CM prompts the user to change their password.


Lists the User Roles assigned to the CMUser.


Lists the Catalogs the CMUser has access to.


Lists the Stores the CMUser has access to.


Lists the Warehouses the CMUser has access to.

Sample XML: CMUser

<cmuser guid="03BAF4C3-0D92-093D-E9D6-B03CDDBAD3AC">