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Data Types and Supported Operators

Data Types and Supported Operators

Every field and attribute has a data type. The data type determines what kind of data the field or attribute can contain. The following table shows the data types and the operators supported for each one:

Data type

Supported operators




=, !=, <, =<, >, >=

The DateTime format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.

'2008-08-30T17:19:00' '2009-12-21T07:06:00'


=, !=, <, =<, >, >=

The decimal point is optional.

100.00 20199


=, !=, <, =<, >, >=



=, !=

Strings must be surrounded by single quotes ('). If a string contains a single quote, it must be preceded by a backslash.

'StringValue' 'Canon - Kit d\'accessoires pour appareil photo'