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Structured Messages

Structured Messages


Structured messages are returned in the messages array in a Cortex response and are used to communicate the following types of conditions:

Condition Request Methods HTTP Response Status Code
Input validation errors POST, PUT 400 Bad Request
Business state errors POST, PUT, DELETE 409 Conflict
Blocking conditions


200 OK
409 Conflict

Informational messages GET 200 OK

See Types of Structured Messages for further information and examples.

The messages currently returned by Cortex are listed on the following pages:

Message Fields

A structured message has the following fields:

Field / Object Description Example
type The type of the message. See Types of Structured Messages.
"type": "error"
id A unique identifier for the message condition.
"id": "field.required"
debug-message A text description of the error as a debugging convenience.
"debug-message": "given-name is required"

A set of name/value pairs to convey message-specific data.

"data": {
   "field-name": "given-name"
blocks (optional) The action that is blocked by the message condition.
"blocks": {
   "rel": "submitorderaction"
linked-to (optional) A resource for users to act upon to resolve the condition.
"linked-to": {
   "uri": "/commerce-legacy/orders/{scope}/{id}/emailinfo",
   "href": "https://{host}/{context}/orders/...",
   "type": ""


Here is an example the messages returned when attempting to register a new account with an invalid password and email address.

400 Bad Request

  "links": [],
  "messages": [
      "type": "error",
      "id": "field.invalid.size",
      "debug-message": "Password must be between 8 to 255 characters inclusive",
      "data": {
        "field-name": "password",
        "min": "8",
        "max": "255"
      "type": "error",
      "id": "",
      "debug-message": "not a well-formed email address",
      "data": {
        "field-name": "email",
        "invalid-value": "bar"
  "entity": {}