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Calculated Price Bundles

Calculated Price Bundles

A calculated price bundle is a bundle whose price is calculated as the sum of all the bundle item prices. Previous versions of EP only supported assigned price bundles. This type of bundle, in contrast, was explicitly assigned a price and so the prices of bundled items had no bearing on the top-level bundle price. Another fundamental difference between the two types of bundles is how price adjustments are handled: Calculated price bundle items may only have negative price adjustments while assigned price bundle items may only have positive price adjustments.

Most of the calculated price bundle features are implemented through the addition of code that checks whether a bundle is calculated or assigned and then accordingly diverts the flow of control to the logic of the corresponding bundle type.

The following OOTB packages contain code pertaining to calculated price bundles:

  • com.elasticpath.cmclient.catalog
  • com.elasticpath.cmclient.core
  • com.elasticpath.core
  • com.elasticpath.core.itest

Any customizations you wish to make to the underlying Java code should be made by creating Maven extensions of one or more of the above projects.