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Tagging database schema

Tagging database schema


The following database tables are used by the Tagging Framework:
  • TTAGALLOWEDVALUE: specifies the Allowed tag values for each tag value type
  • TTAGCONDITION: contains conditional expressions
  • TTAGDEFINITION: contains the Tag definitions supported by the application
  • TTAGDICTIONARY: contains the available tag dictionaries
  • TTAGDICTIONARYTAGDEFINITION: associates tags with tag dictionaries
  • TTAGGROUP: contains tag groups used to organize tags in the condition builder UI
  • TTAGOPERATOR: associates tag operators to tag value types
  • TTAGVALUETYPE: contains the tag value types (the "business types") used to configure validation for the different tags
  • TTAGVALUETAGOPERATOR: associates tag operators to tag value types
  • TVALIDATIONCONSTRAINTS: specifies the Tag validation for tag value types (associated with TTAGVALUETYPE through object_uid column, with type set to TagValueType)

In addition, the TSELLINGCONTEXTCONDITION table is used to associate conditional expressions stored in TTAGCONDITION with Dynamic Content Delivery.