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Tagging classes and files

Tagging classes and files

Most of the classes and interfaces of the Tagging Framework are located in the core library (com.elasticpath.core) in the com.elasticpath.tags package. Classes related to the generic condition builder UI widget are located in the com.elasticpath.cmclient.conditionbuilder CM client plugin project.

  • Tag: a piece of information about an object
  • TagSet: a set of tags associated with an object
  • TagDefinition: defines a piece of information that can be stored and tracked by the application
  • TagDictionary: a set of tag definitions
  • Condition: a rule that can be used to evaluate tag values
  • ConditionalExpression: a group of {{Condition}}s, joined by a logical operator (AND, OR, or NOT) and evaluated as a single unit
  • ConditionDSLBuilder: a service used to convert conditional expressions to strings and vice versa. The strings contain the expression in Elastic Path's domain specific language (DSL) for tag evaluation.
  • ConditionEvaluatorService: a service that evaluates a set of tags against a conditional expression and returns true or false.
  • ConditionBuilderFactoryImpl a factory class used to create RCP Composite objects containing the condition builder UI.

Tag-related service beans are defined in WEB-INF/conf/spring/service/service.xml.