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Quartz Scheduler

Quartz Scheduler

Elastic Path Commerce uses the Quartz Scheduler version 1.8.5 to execute scheduled jobs such as computing product recommendations or building a Lucene index. Quartz is an open source job scheduling service embedded within Spring. It can also be used as a standalone service with any Java application. Scheduled jobs are configured in Spring via the quartz.xml configuration files. There is one Quartz configuration for the Search Server web application and another for the Commerce Manager web application.

In Quartz, Jobs can be any Java class that implements the Quartz Job interface. To execute a job, you must set Triggers that detail when the job is to occur. When a trigger activates, the scheduler will trigger corresponding listeners that will execute the job. As Jobs are completed, they return a JobCompletionCode which informs the scheduler of success or failure. The JobCompletionCode also instructs the scheduler of any further action to perform depending on the job's results.

Quartz version 1.8.5 has built in JMX support. By using JMX, you can monitor and control some of your Quartz jobs.