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Tag groups

Tag groups

A tag group is a logical set of Tag definitions used to organize tags displayed in the Using the Condition Builder UI widget. A tag group can contain tags from multiple dictionaries.

Tag groups are defined in the TTAGGROUP table. The following tag groups are provided out of the box:

Tag group GUID Description


Contains tags relating to the user's browsing behavior (referring URL, search engine keywords, etc.)


Contains tags that store information retrieved from a GeoIP service (domain, country, city, etc.)


Contains tags that store information from the user's profile (gender, age)


Contains tags relating to the shopping cart (cart subtotal)

The following SQL creates a tag group.

insert into TTAGGROUP(uidpk, guid) values(5, 'CUSTOM_GROUP');

The following SQL sets the localized display name for the tag group.

          values (50066,'tagGroupDisplayName_en','Custom group','TagGroup',5);

A tag can be assigned to a tag group by setting the taggroup_uid.

insert into TTAGDEFINITION(uidpk, guid, name, description, tagvaluetype_guid, taggroup_uid)
    values(22, 'CUSTOM_TAG_1', 'Custom 1', 'A custom tag', 'text', 5);