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Application Data Caching

Application Data Caching

Available Caches

Core Commerce provides several out-of-the-box application caches that are used to improve performance. The table below lists all available caches and their default timeout values in seconds as well as configuration locations:

Cache Name Objects cached Default TTL (seconds) Configuration location
catalogRuleBaseCache Catalog promotion rules 300 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml
categoryLookupCache Categories 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/CATEGORY
childCategoryLookupCache Child categories 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/CATEGORY
dynamicContentDeliveryCache Dynamic content 60 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml
groovyConditionCache Groovy conditions 3600 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml
groovyScriptCache Groovy scripts 86400 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml
productCharacteristicsCache Product characteristics 600 ep-core-caching: cache-catalog.xml
productLookupCache Products and SKUs 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/PRODUCT
ruleSessionConfigurationCache Promotion rule sessions 300 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml
skuCodeToProductCache Maps SKU codes to products 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/PRODUCTSKU
skuGuidToProductCache Maps SKU GUIDs to products 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/PRODUCTSKU
skuUidToProductCache Maps SKU UIDPKs to products 3600 Settings: COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/PRODUCTSKU
storeCache Stores 3600 ep-core-caching: cache-core.xml
tagDefinitionGuidToTagDefinitionCache Maps tag definition GUIDs to tag definitions 600 ep-core: service.xml
tagDefinitionNameToTagDefinitionCache Maps tag definition names to tag definitions 600 ep-core: service.xml
taxDocumentCache Shopping cart tax calculations 300 ep-core: service.xml
threadLocalStoreCache Stores 30 ep-core: simple-timeout-caches.xml

Configuring Caches via Settings Framework

The settings framework can configure several caches. Each cache has three settings: timeToIdle, timeToLive, and maxEntriesLocalHeap.

For example, to change the timeToIdle and timeToLive values for categoryLookupCache and childCategoryLookupCache to 5 minutes, change the values of the COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/CATEGORY/timeToLive and COMMERCE/SYSTEM/CACHING/CATEGORY/timeToIdle settings to 300. Note that the changes will not take effect until the application is restarted. For details on how to change these system settings, see Configuring System Settings.

Configuring Caches via Ehcache

All caches can be configured using Ehcache configuration files as described by Configuring Ehcache. This will override any compile-time or settings framework configuration.