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Creating the Database in Oracle 11g

Creating the Database in Oracle 11g

Creating a Database User Account

In Oracle databases, a database schema is mapped to a user account, so we only need to create a user account for the Elastic Path system.

  1. Start the SQL*Plus database client by entering the following command:
    sqlplus /nolog
  2. Connect to the database as the SYSuser:
    conn / as sysdba
  3. In SQL*Plus, create a database user account.
    create user COMMERCEDB identified by ep;

    When starting fresh with Elastic Path 6.17.0, it is recommended you use the name/password combination of COMMERCEDB/ep. This will make configuring Liquibase simpler, as this has been set as the default.

  4. Grant the user appropriate permissions.
    grant connect, resource, dba to COMMERCEDB;
  5. Exit SQL*Plus.