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Apache Felix Web Console

Apache Felix Web Console

Apache Felix Web Console is a tool for managing the Cortex OSGi framework. Felix comes bundled with Cortex out of the box. Using Felix, you can inspect your OSGi framework, start/stop bundles, view logging details, and modify run-time configuration settings.

Felix Login

  1. Navigate to http://<Your cortex server>/system/console/configMgr. If Cortex is running locally at port 8080, the URL is http://localhost:8080/cortex/system/console/configMgr
  2. Enter the User Name and Password in the Authentication dialog box:

    Felix Login

    Default credentials:
    User Name Password
    admin admin

Configuring Felix Security Credentials

To configure the username and password to log into a Felix Web Console:

  1. In your ep/cortex/resources/config/permissions directory, create a file named org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.config
  2. With a text editor, open org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.config and insert the following properties:
    where Your_Username and Your_Password are your Felix Web Console log in credentials.
  3. Click Save

Your new credentials take effect immediately.

Cortex Felix Configurations

Felix Web Console edits the configurations files available on your Cortex configuration directory. If the property config file does not exist in this directory, it will not be editable through Felix. For more information on property configuration files, see Cortex Configuration Files

To modify a configuration file through Felix:
  1. Log in to Felix.
  2. In the menu bar, select OSGi and then click Configuration.
  3. Click the property, modify it as required, and click Save to write the update value(s) to the associated property file.

Configuration Description Associated Config File

Defines the URI for the Cortex authentication endpoint. For more information on authentication endpoints, see Cortex Authentication


Defines the authentication endpoint trust header. For more information on endpoint trust headers, see Cortex Authentication

authClientTrustHeader Defines the OAuth2 endpoint trust header. For more information on OAuth2 endpoint trust headers, see Cortex Authentication authClientTrustHeader.config
itemsRolePermissions* Defines the role permissions for a given resource. In this case, the example shown in the items resource. For more information on roles and permissions, see Cortex Authorization itemsRolePermissions.config
Recommendations Page Size Managed Service Defines the pagination page-size setting for recommendations. Since a large number of items may be available for recommendations, this page-size setting can limit the number of items retrieved per request. recommendationsPageSize.config
RelOS System Ready State Defines the number of resource bundles required to register their veto before Cortex is in a ready state. Before a quorum is reached, Cortex returns a 503 Service Unavailable HTTP status for any request. systemReadyState.config
roleHierarchy Defines the role hierarchy used in Cortex authorizations. For more information on roles and permissions, see Cortex Authorization. roleHierarchy.config
tokenExpiry Defines the authentication token's expiry time, in seconds. tokenExpiry.config
Note: Listed Properties

The table only lists the configurations applicable to Cortex. For more information on Felix configurations, see