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Generating Catalog Pages for a Site

Generating Catalog Pages for a Site

Once you imported the product catalog, generate the site's catalog pages following the instructions below. For more information on importing a product catalog, see Updating Product Catalogs.

Before you generate the catalog pages, make sure the following properties are set with values appropriate for your site:

Property Example Value Description
cq:commerceProvider elasticpath Sets the commerce provider for AEM. The Geometrixx-Outdoors site has a customized implementation and its value should be geometrix-elasticpath.
cq:elasticpathScope geometrixx Sets Cortex scope. Scope is a store's unique identifier. Users will authenticate against this store's customer base.
cq:cortexBaseStore geometrixx Sets the product catalog name in the AEM CRX PIM node. This property is used while searching a product.

To generate catalog pages for a site:

  1. Using the Classic UI, navigate to the Product console.
  2. Click Catalogs.
  3. Click on your catalog and move the mouse pointer over the Rollout Changes gear icon.
  4. Select the site where the catalog will rollout to.
  5. Click Rollout Changes.