Introducing Helix, the first enterprise-class API modeling language designed specifically for REST Level 3

Helix, by Elastic Path, is a new API modelling language specifically designed to address the unique needs of designing and implementing hypermedia APIs.

The Challenge

Creating high-quality hypermedia APIs is complex and time-consuming. Until now, API developers have had to painstakingly design the internal structure of an API as well as the binding code. Iterative changes often wreak havoc with this process, requiring code to be re-written to improve or evolve an API design. Elastic Path Helix solves those problems by making hypermedia API design more agile and less costly.

With Helix, hypermedia APIs can be centrally described, allowing them to be shared and expanded in a predictable, central way that is agnostic to code. As a API programming framework, Helix also allows developers to quickly develop a hypermedia API by supplying all of the boilerplate and leaving only the programming tasks required to glue an API to the actual business logic in an underlying system like Elastic Path Commerce.

Why Helix

Elastic Path built Helix because existing API modeling languages, such as RAML, Swagger, and API Blueprint, while good for describing standard APIs, are not well suited to designing hypermedia APIs. Elastic Path Cortex, our patented API technology, is able to utilize Helix definitions and a Helix-compatible implementation, making it easier to extend existing APIs and quickly create new ones.

The beta program for the Helix EPLab is closed as we prepare for the upcoming release. If you would like more information on Helix, contact your Account or Partner Manager.